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Paper Drinking Straw making machine
Paper Drinking Straw making machine

Product Application

The KDP-1 Series Paper Drinking Straw making machine, is a machine used in the production of all kinds of paper straws, and with up to three colors. These types of straws are disposable and are eco-friendly. 
• Numerical and multi-cutting system.
• PLC controlling system with automatic operation.
• Synchronous cutting controlled by a servo motor, meaning that the cutting part of the machine is moving together with the paper tubes, cutting with high precision.
• Adopt with Multi-cutters online cutting system. Paper straws are finished in one step.
   Technical Parameter
paper layer 3~5 layers
Inner Diameter  5~12mm
Wall Thickness 0.3~1mm
Winding Speed 1~45 meters/min
Cutting Multi blades 
Cutting System Servo motor synchronism tracking cut
Gluing Way Single/Double sides
Machine Body Painting or Stainless Steel (optional)
Paper Straw Collecting Automatic
Operator 1~2 person
Speed Control By Inverter
Power Supply 380V/3Phase/50Hz
Control System
Main Forming Motor 2*1.0KW Servo Motor
PLC / Touch Screen Delta/Wecon
Inverter Delta
Pneumatic Components AirTac
Electric Components Schneilde
Bearing NSK
Servo Motor Yaskawa/Delta
Screw Rod/slider HIWIN/CSK
Paper Reel Stand & Glue Unit 3 Layers
Belt 2 Pieces
Mandrel Shaft 2 Pieces
Useful Tool 1 Set
Measurement & Weight
Measurement 3500*1500*1200mm
Working Space 7000*5000mm
Weight 1300kgs

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